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In-game Asset (NFT items)

Main NFT items
Extra NFT items
Natural influences
Station: A place to make products.
Building: Field, cage, storage
  • Field: A place to grow crops.
  • Cage: A place to raise animals.
  • Storage: A place to store products.
Phase 1: Farming
  • Tool: Used to gain various effects including speedup production.
  • Decoration: Used to decorate your land.
  • Avatar: Player-controlled character.
  • Costume: Used to change the appearance of characters, pets, stations, buildings.
  • Pet: Lovely animal to befriend with (Dog, cat, mouse, bird, turtle, rabbit, ...).
Phase 2: Battling
  • Gear: Equip on the characters, companions to increase stats.
  • Companion: A fighting-spirit animal that assits you in battle.
  • Mount: A mount that moves fast and carries items.
Land: The area where the player builds the farm and exploit resources.
Weather: Special climate that affects production and battle.